Filling the Gap


Blaq was founded in 2013 as one of the most specialized recruitment firms in the financial industry. We found a gap in the market for a solid partner when in need of candidates that are hard to attract. All consultant working at Blaq has either a professional experience working in the financial industry, or an equivalent background. We don’t see ourselves as a recruitment company working with financial services, but rather a financial services company working with recruitment.

Carl Tullberg
Carl Tullberg - Head of Executive Search, Partner
Jonas Strimling
Jonas Strimling - Head of Interim, Partner
Jacob Dickens
Jacob Dickens - Head of Sales & KAM
Julia Rosén
Julia Rosén - Head of Recruitment
Henrik Flood
Henrik Flood - Recruitment Consultant
Sofia Wendt
Sofia Wendt - Recruitment Consultant
Lisa Blenwall
Lisa Blenwall - Recruitment Consultant
Mats Thurfjell
Mats Thurfjell - Chief Operating Officer
Markus Bränfeldt
Markus Bränfeldt - Marketing Manager