When you need flexibility, fast with the highest precision

Interim management

What we do

Interim Management is a perfect solution when you are in a transition between recruitments, maternity leave or some other absence that needs to be handled today. We have a professional network of consultants that we match for every assignment. Since we know precision and speed is of essence, we have a 48-hour guarantee of us coming back with available consultant from the request.

How do we do it

From working with recruitment, we have developed a process that keeps the quality of a long-term engagement, but with the speed and agility to work with consultant. The consulting market is growing and with that its important to stay true to who we are and what we do. For that reason, we make sure that the consultant we provide has gone through a rigorous process of quality control to make sure that we only present the best and most solid solution to our clients.

Who it’s for?

Interim management can be a good solution for all types of managers that need a flexible solution.

Examples of assignments

CFO, Senior Accountant, Controllers, Compliance officers, Risk professionals, Regulatory experts, analysts